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That is a Wrap for Banned Books Week 2021!

Drag Story Hour- Arizona had so much fun during Banned Books Week 2021! Felicia Minor read banned books for us on September 26th and we tuned in to Lil Miss Hot Mess' story hour on Drag Queen Story Hour's Facebook page.

Why do we celebrate Banned Books Week?

Censorship is still happening all across the world, further restricting BIPOC , LGBTQ+ and other oppressed and marginalized narratives. In 2020, antiracist books such as Something Happened in Our Town made up a majority of the top 10 banned books list and Melissa's Story (George) by Alex Gino made the number one spot. It is important to highlight and uplift these narratives to ensure that all sectors of our world is represented.

You can buy all the books that were read this year through the link below:

The story hour packet from Felicia's story hour can be downloaded through the attachment!

2021.09.26 BBW Mesa Felicia Minor packet
Download PDF • 269KB

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