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Celebrate Earth Day with Sassy D. DeMornay!

Drag Story Hour- Arizona is grateful to Sassy D. DeMornay for hosting a fantastic Earth Day story hour!

The books (which can be found in our story hour packet linked below) were chosen for their various messages. Here We Are (Jeffers) let's readers become familiar with our planet and its inhabitants while enjoying the author's wit and humor. Kind Like Marsha (Prager and Thuesday) presents 14 historical figures from the LGBTQ+ community. This title serves as an inspiration for how a little reader can grow into an advocate and philanthropist to better their communities and planet! Sassy finishes the story hour by reading We Are Water Protectors (Lindstrom and Goade), which takes inspiration from different Indigenous-led movements across North America. The books emphasizes the importance of protecting one of Earth's most valuable resources and explains the various factors that put our water sources in danger.

Drag Story Hour- Arizona is grateful to our readers and miss seeing your wonderful faces in person. A way to make this possible is to continue to advocate for ourselves, our community and our wonderful planet.

Thank you! Ms. Michelle

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